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Do we need to kick up a whinny of a din too?

We woke this morning to the plaintive mooing of one of our purebred Lowline Angus cows.  Immediately we knew that something was wrong with the herd. The old girls have developed a wonderful habit of letting us know what is going on with them.  If…

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Shake up of radio spectrum misses the point

The government has a goal to grow the New Zealand economy to “deliver greater prosperity, security and opportunities for all New Zealanders”.  A key dependency of that goal is that we be well connected, which in turn depends on our access to the latest telecom…

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EVs not V8s

Just imagine.  Pukekohe Park Raceway in a time beyond April 2013. Beautiful, sleek, race cars capable of zero to 100kph in around three seconds lined up on the start grid.  Speeds down the back straight of close to 300km/h.  A whopping 544 hp, two engines,…

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The future of meat?

Imagine succulent steaks, with just the right amount of marbling to add real flavour, sizzling on the barbecue.  Find yourself salivating? Well that could be about to change in a move from US company Modern Meadow. Their name does not give a hint at how…

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