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A city-centric rose-tinted view

For six years now, the Commerce Commission have published their annual report on the state of the telecommunications industry in New Zealand. A perceptive read it is not. However, it does draw out some interesting trends on the state of the nation’s telecommunications market. By…

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something light and frivolous – or is it?

“The Internet was one of the greatest disasters to befall mankind,” runs the introduction from a video at the UK humour site  Poke. “Now its survivors tell their story.”

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A predetermined position that disadvantages rural people

A question I have posed many times is “How much more should rural people pay for equivalent broadband services above what urban people pay?” How much more we do pay depends on the rural broadband service provider we sign up with.  Seven times for rural…

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Exploring Ultra Fibre by Telecom

Chorus’s reticence to pay non-standard UFB connection charges was back in the news in the same week that Telecom launched its new Ultra Fibre broadband service. Both Stuff and the NBR reported on the issue which seems to stem from Chorus’ legal interpretations of the Resource Management Act consequent on Telecom’s…

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Planning for Climate Change

Our cows danced a jig in the paddock, leaving their calves looking on, seemingly bemused.  The sheep put their head and shoulders in to their shelters but left their rear ends exposed, perhaps to secure the benefits without having to face it head on. After…

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