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3 + 3 + 2 = Opportunity

So the ‘Digital Dividend’ did not, in the end, produce a dividend.  Three blocks of spectrum each to Telecom and Vodafone but only two to 2Degrees.   Leaving on block unallocated. The auction receipts, $176 million, exactly matched the the cost of clearing the 700…

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A difference in the attitudes, actions and forward thinking

As New Zealand awaits the political determination of two key telecommunications issues this week, the 2013 Broadband World Forum has just concluded in Amsterdam. The difference in the attitudes, actions and forward thinking that the Europeans displayed compared to our own government’s, was pronounced. In…

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2 outcomes possible for the 700MHz auction

The auction process for the allocation of the ‘digital dividend’ 700MHz spectrum is expected to kick off on Labour Day.  In a $200 million dollar plus process, there is much at stake for all parties. It is important for those rural people who rely on…

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eVoting – part of the answer, but not the answer

The local election results are in and so starts the analysis of why so many people did not vote in 2013. For the Auckland Council, 35% of enrolled voters turned out to elect the mayor.  In the Waikato District, the mayoral vote figure was a…

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Complicated 700MHz auction not likely to benefit rural users

The bidders are now at their blocks and waiting for the get-go.  The auction process too, is ready for a press of the ‘go’ button.  The back-room influencers have done their bit and now await the outcome.  They are not holding their breaths.  Perhaps because…

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Chorus sings “Chattanooga Choo Choo”

“Chattanooga Choo Choo” was a bit before my time but the big band swing-dance tune remains memorable and catchy. Besides the tune, Chattanooga is famed for other things, including its mountain incline railway.  At a maximum grade of 72.7% it is one of the world’s…

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