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The Fanny Adams Chorus

For sure, I will not be the only one happy to see the end of the Fanny Adams Chorus. Perhaps I should rush in to add the definition of ‘Fanny Adams’ as meaning “nothing at all”, as in the ‘Nothing At All Chorus’. For that…

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May the government sing a chorus

As 2013 comes to a close, the costly stand-off on copper broadband pricing between the government and Chorus on the one side, and the rest of the industry on the other side, does not look close to a resolution. Caught in the middle is the…

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Quest for certainty yields the opposite

What a fiasco the issue of copper-based broadband pricing has become. For two years, Chorus and the government have known that the regulated price that Chorus can charge for wholesale copper-based broadband would be reviewed and most likely fall.  When the inevitable happened, Chorus’ cried…

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