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Net Neutrality 1: Are US Courts determining our Internet costs?

A court in America made a ruling earlier this month that may affect our costs in using our internet. The court decision paves the way for Retail Service Providers (RSPs) to change their business pricing models in a way that will benefit some of their…

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Xtra! Spam, Professionalism and Changing ISP. Yahoo!

Well it happened again on Sunday. Spam emails that is. A heap of them from a number of Telecom Xtra accounts. It has been a regular occurrence over the past year. Some get through my spam blocks. Over 90% do not. The ones that do…

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Cautious suspicions drawn from Comcom retail prices report

In the hullabaloo that was Christmas Eve, there were no blaring headlines trumpeting just how internationally competitive nor how over priced, our broadband services are. Such contradictions are contained in the Commerce Commission’s report on fixed-line phone and broadband retail services. Last year, a separate…

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