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TPPA sacrifices

Wide spread and vocal opposition from grass roots campaigners both here and around the world will likely come to nought this week. People have spoken. Trade unions have hollered. Health professionals have warned. Environmentalists have rung alarm bells. Academics have published their quietly argued points….

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The answer lies in the soil

“Ashes to ashes” The phrase has been used as song titles by musicians including David Bowie, as film titles including the BBC’s Only Fools and Horses, and as book titles. Most will know it best from the Anglican Book of Common Prayer burial service. To me, it is…

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A biomimiced comeuppance?

Biomimicry. The word trills off the tongue and seems to offer a means to solving some of the many problems besetting society at the moment. A new science but an ancient practice, biomimicry aims to study nature’s ways and then replicate them for inclusion in…

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Societal benefits of public investment

On the 4th August, our public electricity network turns 128 years old. Over that timespan, our forebears developed an asset base on which our prosperity and wellbeing is based. Last week’s headlines shouting out “Chorus victorious in Commerce Commission copper pricing decision”, denies the lessons of the…

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Transparently corrupt behaviour

“Transparently corrupt behaviour.” That was how one commentator described the process by which so-called “fast track” legislation passed with a slim majority through the US Senate last month. This was after the same legislation was blocked just weeks earlier by the same legislators. The relevance of their…

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