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RoundUp Ready Kids?

It’s in each of 14 German beers tested. Which may be why it was in the urine of half the participants of a German test group. It’s found in Californian wines, even those made with organic grapes. But that’s not why it’s found in the breast milk of…

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Agrihoods – a means to sustainable food production?

In this series exploring sustainable food production systems, I made the point last week that rather than our going down the path of robotic farming, horticulture needs people living on and working the farm. In previous weeks, I discussed the benefits of food foresting, of…

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A Sheeple I will not be

So far in this series on sustainable farming, I have explored food foresting and small plot intensive (SPIN) urban farming as means to grow the nutritious, pesticide-free foods that we deserve. However, when considered alongside community food gardens and home vegetable plots, there remains a…

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A different model of sustainable agriculture

Over the last two weeks, I have explored the sustainability of our industrialised, chemical-based food supply systems and found it to be lacking. So how do we go about building a more sustainable food system to feed the world? As some wag once said, the…

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Six Figure Incomes and Urban Farming

Around the world, food systems are going through a transformation. From large-scale, industrialised farms using chemical fertilisers and pesticides growing mono-culture crops. To small scale and urban farms using natural systems to produce a range of crops. There are three drivers to this transformation: threats…

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The answer lies in the soil

“Ashes to ashes” The phrase has been used as song titles by musicians including David Bowie, as film titles including the BBC’s Only Fools and Horses, and as book titles. Most will know it best from the Anglican Book of Common Prayer burial service. To me, it is…

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