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Our Services focus on helping people and businesses work with the new digital broadband society.  From developing a digital strategy, through using social and mobile media, to aspects of digital literacy, our aim is to help you become comfortable with the technologies that many now take for granted. We can also help you with writing the blogs and newsletters that help you to keep in touch with your suppliers and customers.


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Recognise access to the Internet at ultrafast speeds as a basic human right

Politicians in England and the US have an enlightened attitude to rural broadband provisioning that is demonstrably absent from politicians in this country. The English are pushing for productivity to grow faster in their countryside than in urban areas. They see rural economic opportunities increasing…

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Naf Nats RBI policy

Almost lost amidst the ructions of the continuing ‘Dirty Politics’ epic, were a pair of announcements by government minister Amy Adams that will impact rural people and businesses.  Curiously, each announcement was made with Ms Adams wearing a different hat. Last week, in the name…

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The mother of all technological revolutions

To paraphrase a saying attributed to philosopher George Santayana (1863 – 1952), those who do not learn from the mistakes of the past, are bound to repeat them. You may disagree with that sentiment but human history is riddled with examples that support it.  For example, the…

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700MHz 4G rolling out

The auction of the 700 MHz ‘digital dividend’ spectrum rights was completed in June, 14 months after the sale process commenced.  This month, the purchasers have announced their plans to roll out new services based on that spectrum. The digital dividend band became available when…

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Fibre in Rural Communities coming to a location near you

Progress on the government’s 5-year Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI) is ahead of schedule at the end of its third year according to spokespersons from Vodafone and Chorus. The $300 million RBI contracts were awarded jointly to Chorus and Vodafone in April 2011 with the contract…

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No confidence in broadband industry self-regulation

What is it we consider when signing up for new broadband services? For many, price will be number one. This can be confusing because it is not always clear that we are comparing services on a like for like basis. Does a $75 plan from…

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Broadband speeds are dependent on RSPs’ policies too

Last week I introduced the muddy waters of broadband speed tests. What muddies the issue is that there is not a standardised methodology for speed test services and therefore, the results gathered are open to selective interpretation. A speedtest is important to consumers because it…

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Xtra! Spam, Professionalism and Changing ISP. Yahoo!

Well it happened again on Sunday. Spam emails that is. A heap of them from a number of Telecom Xtra accounts. It has been a regular occurrence over the past year. Some get through my spam blocks. Over 90% do not. The ones that do…

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Cautious suspicions drawn from Comcom retail prices report

In the hullabaloo that was Christmas Eve, there were no blaring headlines trumpeting just how internationally competitive nor how over priced, our broadband services are. Such contradictions are contained in the Commerce Commission’s report on fixed-line phone and broadband retail services. Last year, a separate…

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Gigatown sociology or autocracy?

With Chorus’ going on the offensive and the government kicking for touch over broadband pricing in the past week, a quote in my recent reading struck a chord with me. “Building a Gig community is 10 percent technology and 90 percent sociology.” This is so…

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