Writing blogs, articles & newsletters - keep in touch with your customers to build relationships

Newsletters, blogs and articles are great ways of staying in touch with your past, present and future customers.  They offer a regular means of contact which keeps your brand “in mind” and helps build lasting relationships.

sl5-firstA good promotional newsletter will offer readers worthwhile and newsy information about you, your business or your industry.  They may promote, or ‘soft-sell’, your products, services or special offers.  Pitching hard sell messages in a newsletter may simply turn readers away.

This applies whether the newsletter is printed, emailed or published on your website.

Consider these tips when using newsletters as a means of direct customer contact:

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  • Keep your readers’ needs and interests in mind and you will build lasting relationships.
  • Today’s business environment can leave us time-poor to write newsletters and articles yourself.  So consider contracting a professional writer, editor or social media campaigner to assist you.
  • Content is everything.  Include how-to items, tips and advice on getting the most out of your product or service, and links to interesting websites.  People are always interested in the projects that you have completed or have underway.
  • Make it a light read by limiting the number of words in each newsletter (this article is 500 words).  If you have many interesting things to cover, then write more frequent newsletters rather than more words in each one.
  • Achieving consistency in the theme and format of your communications is important and readers must be given the choice of receiving a plain-text or rich-format (including pictures and videos) email.
  • Your newsletter campaign needs to be planned in advance.
  • Consider the software that you will use to typeset printed copy and to compose/manage email newsletters.  Some are free, others are easy to use.
  • Complying with our Privacy Act is important.  This covers the process of getting people on to your newsletter list and providing a means for readers to opt-out.


What is a Blog?

A portmanteau of “Web Log” which is a web site on which an individual or group of users record opinions, information, etc. on a regular basis.

Add new material to or regularly update a blog.

Blogs tend to be more single-subject opinion pieces published on a web site which can be your company website or via a special blogging service.  To read your words of wisdom, people will either find your blog using a search engine, or subscribe to it via a news reader.  Of course, your regular newsletter could summarise your blog pages.

Tech articles need to be targeted to a particular audience and written with sufficient detail to hold the interest of expert audiences but not so high brow that non-experts are turned off.   Again, these could be accessed via search or news reader services or published as “White Papers”.

If you are contemplating publishing a newsletter, blog or tech article, call or email me to discuss how we can assist you in creating the time to write and publish a targeted communication.


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