As a form of communication, blogging is rapidly growing and evolving.

“If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.”

Writing and maintaining a blog is not a trivial undertaking.  It takes time to research the subject, write well-considered material, edit that and source relevant images before the copy is published.

Blogs are most effective when they contain quality, high value information that is relevant to the reader and are published to a regular schedule.

In our ever-busy work life, why would you commit time and resources to publishing a blog on a regular basis?  There are many reasons.



1.  To build relationships.

Foremost, a blog enables you to build lasting relationships.   with your present, past and future customers.

To connect with customers, the blog needs to reflect the values of you and your business as well as providing quality, high value information.

When readers register to comment on your blog, it not only helps build your database, but you also get feedback on what your target market is thinking about.

2. Building a brand

Blogs that reflect your expertise and values helps to establish your credibility and so builds your brand.

Stating opinions and featuring your expertise gives readers a fuller picture of what you are about.  The goal of a blog has to be about presenting timely and relevant content so that people seek your blog site out and keep coming back.

3. Creating a marketing channel

Marketing plans based on press releases are subject to the whim of editors.  Advertising is expensive and, as someone  once said, “I know that 50% of my advertising does not work, I just don’t know which 50%”.

A blog site can be a cost effective means of getting your marketing message out to your target market.

4. Generate sales leads

Can a blog be used to generate sales leads?

For many, the answer is yes.  One blogger has estimated that three quarters of people browsing the web are looking for information.  Interesting blog content can bring people to your website and if the end of your post includes a call-to-action or links to more premium content, then you improve the probability of converting visitors to customers.

5. Helping recruit staff

In a similar way to generating sales leads, a blog can lead to prospective employees contacting you because they like what you write on your blog.

6. Strengthen search engine optimisation

When Google’s chief technology advocate, Michael Jones, recommends writing a blog to improve the popularity of your business’ website, then we take notice.

He says that an (interesting and relevant) blog gives people a reason to come to your website, spend time there and recommend it to their friends.

What app to use to write your blog?

Blogs systems

Some Blog systems

Choices for the budding blogger range from hosted platforms where all you have to do is write, to software applications that you have installed on your server.

The free blogging platforms are usually restricted to a single writer or require advertising to run on the site.

Systems range between long form (eg WordPress), through short form (eg tumblr) to micro-blogging (eg twitter) sites.

Some are text-based, some are based on video (vlogs).

And then there is the opportunity to outsource the creation and management of your blog – call John on 021 46 36 86 to discuss options or email me below.