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A way forward to solve climate change issues

I came across this video in my news reading this morning and it struck a chord with me.  An emotional chord, not a musical one. And having written a number of times on the urgency of climate change and the lack of action by those…

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Civil disobedience advocated for climate change action

Atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide at the Hawaiian Moana Loa Observatory passed the 400 parts per million level for the first time last month. In scientific circles, 400 parts per million (ppm) may not be a big deal.  What is more concerning is the acceleration…

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Do the Maths!

“Our climate is changing.” This serious understatement opens the climate change section of the Auckland Unitary Plan. A more compelling view comes from the World Meteorological Organisation’s annual Statement on the Status of the Global Climate: “…the decline of Arctic sea ice in 2012 is a…

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