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eVoting – part of the answer, but not the answer

The local election results are in and so starts the analysis of why so many people did not vote in 2013. For the Auckland Council, 35% of enrolled voters turned out to elect the mayor.  In the Waikato District, the mayoral vote figure was a…

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Do the Maths!

“Our climate is changing.” This serious understatement opens the climate change section of the Auckland Unitary Plan. A more compelling view comes from the World Meteorological Organisation’s annual Statement on the Status of the Global Climate: “…the decline of Arctic sea ice in 2012 is a…

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Unitary Plan delivers rules & culture, lacks resilience

Last week we looked at Auckland Council’s draft Unitary Plan and asked: how do we determine whether it works for the people of the city? One approach to looking at how the plan works, was to search the plan for matters affecting individual properties. As…

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