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2 outcomes possible for the 700MHz auction

The auction process for the allocation of the ‘digital dividend’ 700MHz spectrum is expected to kick off on Labour Day.  In a $200 million dollar plus process, there is much at stake for all parties. It is important for those rural people who rely on…

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Is Amy Adams running rural NZ down?

Broadband issues have figured in our news a lot this year.  Much of that was centred on government reviews including those of the “Digital Dividend”, the Telecommunications Service Obligation (TSO), and the Telecommunications Act. One of the things common to each of these reviews, is…

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The burgeoning mobile market

That wag Anonymous captured the intrinsic nature of making New Year resolutions when she considered a resolution her dog might make: I will not chase that stick unless I actually see it leave his hand! So it is for many of us that, like the…

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New Year (Digital) Resolutions

With the start of 2013 comes the tradition of New Years Resolutions.  For many, this year’s resolutions will include digital technologies alongside the usual ones around diet and exercise. Have you considered doing more to embrace the technologies of our digital society? Footnote As I…

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