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The TSO: 3 things demand its continuance

In introducing the government’s review of the Telecommunications Service Obligation (TSO) last week, I was critical of politicians saying one thing and doing another. The day after that article was written, Amy Adams, as Minister of Communications and Information Technology, proved that criticism spot on….

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Dear Ms Adams…

Innovation.  Oft touted as our path to economic salvation, innovation has been prominent in the news this winter.  But usually it is in the context of national economics, or science, or big businesses. Too rarely do we see innovation mentioned as a means of directly…

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Third world broadband tolerated

Across the globe, people are reaping the benefits of modern telecommunications networks.  But not in New Zealand’s remote rural areas. In Africa, SMS text messaging from mobile phones is helping improve the health, education and economic development outcomes of millions. Governments across Asia, Europe, America…

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Opinion: Amy Adams lets rural New Zealand down.

The government has confirmed its long-held intention to auction the 700MHz “digital dividend” spectrum to a duopoly plus one of mobile telcos. CIT Minister Amy Adams announced last Thursday that the auction will be held in the third quarter of this year. The digital dividend…

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