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Two down, one to go

Of the three major issues presently bugging our telecommunications industry, two have reached resolutions that offer good news for rural people and businesses. First is the auction of the 700MHz spectrum that becomes available for re-purposing when our analogue TV network closes down at the…

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2 outcomes possible for the 700MHz auction

The auction process for the allocation of the ‘digital dividend’ 700MHz spectrum is expected to kick off on Labour Day.  In a $200 million dollar plus process, there is much at stake for all parties. It is important for those rural people who rely on…

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A new paradigm: Focus on The Commons, not Economics

Last week, we looked at the Wireless Commons and argued that making the radio spectrum a part of “The Commons” would lead to greater competition for the delivery of wireless services. Instead of competition for the radio spectrum resource, a Wireless Commons approach would encourage…

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The Wireless Commons and political resolve

Last week I introduced ‘The Commons’ as a potential means to address man-made problems like climate change, financial crises and high energy prices. The Commons was originally about access to and use of the environment, including forests, the atmosphere, rivers, fisheries or grazing lands.  These…

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