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Is Amy Adams running rural NZ down?

Broadband issues have figured in our news a lot this year.  Much of that was centred on government reviews including those of the “Digital Dividend”, the Telecommunications Service Obligation (TSO), and the Telecommunications Act. One of the things common to each of these reviews, is…

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Regulatory “Holiday” by another means

My ewe, mentioned last week with the prolapse problem, has been culled.   She prolapsed repeatedly and her lamb could not be birthed.  For me, this is a significant economic loss but my intervention to save her and her lamb failed and the only humane…

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The TSO: 3 things demand its continuance

In introducing the government’s review of the Telecommunications Service Obligation (TSO) last week, I was critical of politicians saying one thing and doing another. The day after that article was written, Amy Adams, as Minister of Communications and Information Technology, proved that criticism spot on….

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The TSO Review needs to do only one thing

Today I watched a video of Helen Clark’s presentation to last weekend’s Tedx Auckland show.  Whatever you think of her politics, Helen’s achievements and thinking are outstanding and I admire her for that. In browsing related videos, I heard her comment on the GCSB ‘spying’ bill.  “It’s best…

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