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The Water Commons: a solution for all NZers

Last week, I introduced the concept of the “Water Commons” as a means of community management of our freshwater resource. This is not about ‘ownership’ of water.  For a long time, much longer than Maori’s claim to ownership of the water, common law has held…

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Opinion: Amy Adams lets rural New Zealand down.

The government has confirmed its long-held intention to auction the 700MHz “digital dividend” spectrum to a duopoly plus one of mobile telcos. CIT Minister Amy Adams announced last Thursday that the auction will be held in the third quarter of this year. The digital dividend…

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A new paradigm: Focus on The Commons, not Economics

Last week, we looked at the Wireless Commons and argued that making the radio spectrum a part of “The Commons” would lead to greater competition for the delivery of wireless services. Instead of competition for the radio spectrum resource, a Wireless Commons approach would encourage…

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Managed Spectrum Park as the Wireless Commons

I have long argued that the digital divide is less about access to computers and the Internet, and more about access to high speed broadband services.  Defined by government policy, the new digital divide is between urban and rural broadband users. That divide is now…

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The Wireless Commons and political resolve

Last week I introduced ‘The Commons’ as a potential means to address man-made problems like climate change, financial crises and high energy prices. The Commons was originally about access to and use of the environment, including forests, the atmosphere, rivers, fisheries or grazing lands.  These…

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