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Growing food is a biological process

Biological growing was part of the presentations of last weekends Customkit Buildings’ smallBlock Sunday Seminar held at the Puni School hall. It seems self evident to label the growing of food as a biological process, but what does biological growing actually mean? After all, we…

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Getting more from your lifestyle block

On our lifestyle block, June is usually a month for reflection and planning improvements around the property. This year seems even more reflective and propitious than previous years. In part, the driver of that reflection and change is Fieldays which finished last weekend with increased…

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2015 smallBlock Sunday Seminar

Last year’s National Fieldays event at Mystery Creek was the 46th, attracting nearly 120,000 visitors and around 900 exhibitors. As the major agri-business event in New Zealand, Fielday’s success is not measured solely in the number of clicks on the turnstiles or the number of…

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