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No room for buts in organics growing

I’d love to agree with you BUT… responded a reader to last week’s article “Going organic makes for sustainable farming” He lives in a rural area and sees cabbage growers spraying their cropping area with pre-emergent weed sprays and then not ever having to do any weeding….

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Organics makes for sustainable farming

Considered by many as an inefficient means to producing food, organic agriculture has a contentious history. Those contentions ought be dispelled by two pieces of published scientific research. A 30-year study conducted by the Rodale Institute concluded that organic farms outperform conventional farms in seven ways. They found organic…

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Six Figure Incomes and Urban Farming

Around the world, food systems are going through a transformation. From large-scale, industrialised farms using chemical fertilisers and pesticides growing mono-culture crops. To small scale and urban farms using natural systems to produce a range of crops. There are three drivers to this transformation: threats…

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Up the creek in a barb wire canoe

So today is the day that our government signs the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA). There is nothing special about this signing which is simply a part of the process of bringing the agreement to our parliament for ratification. All countries will follow the same…

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