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Agrihoods – a means to sustainable food production?

In this series exploring sustainable food production systems, I made the point last week that rather than our going down the path of robotic farming, horticulture needs people living on and working the farm. In previous weeks, I discussed the benefits of food foresting, of…

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A Sheeple I will not be

So far in this series on sustainable farming, I have explored food foresting and small plot intensive (SPIN) urban farming as means to grow the nutritious, pesticide-free foods that we deserve. However, when considered alongside community food gardens and home vegetable plots, there remains a…

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Six Figure Incomes and Urban Farming

Around the world, food systems are going through a transformation. From large-scale, industrialised farms using chemical fertilisers and pesticides growing mono-culture crops. To small scale and urban farms using natural systems to produce a range of crops. There are three drivers to this transformation: threats…

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