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Cautious suspicions drawn from Comcom retail prices report

In the hullabaloo that was Christmas Eve, there were no blaring headlines trumpeting just how internationally competitive nor how over priced, our broadband services are. Such contradictions are contained in the Commerce Commission’s report on fixed-line phone and broadband retail services. Last year, a separate…

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Quest for certainty yields the opposite

What a fiasco the issue of copper-based broadband pricing has become. For two years, Chorus and the government have known that the regulated price that Chorus can charge for wholesale copper-based broadband would be reviewed and most likely fall.  When the inevitable happened, Chorus’ cried…

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Big guns sing the chorus

It’s a sure sign of serious trouble when the big guns come out into the open. John Key first stepped in to Chorus’ broadband pricing debate back in December.  He said then that the Commerce Commission’s draft determination on wholesale pricing was “very problematic” and that the…

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The TSO: 3 things demand its continuance

In introducing the government’s review of the Telecommunications Service Obligation (TSO) last week, I was critical of politicians saying one thing and doing another. The day after that article was written, Amy Adams, as Minister of Communications and Information Technology, proved that criticism spot on….

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