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Climate actions growing in Franklin

Did Nero fiddle while Rome burned? Or is that expression nothing more than a popular legend? Whichever, that saying today describes leaders who do too little for the masses in times of crisis. The crises we face today are many with the most significant being…

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Agrihoods – a means to sustainable food production?

In this series exploring sustainable food production systems, I made the point last week that rather than our going down the path of robotic farming, horticulture needs people living on and working the farm. In previous weeks, I discussed the benefits of food foresting, of…

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Managed Spectrum Park as the Wireless Commons

I have long argued that the digital divide is less about access to computers and the Internet, and more about access to high speed broadband services.  Defined by government policy, the new digital divide is between urban and rural broadband users. That divide is now…

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The opportunity of The Commons.

The Commons.  A concept from a less egalitarian era but one that has returned to prominence in a time when our society seems bedeviled by man-made problems. Does an approach based on the principle of the Commons provide an opportunity to solve issues like climate…

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