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I Luv Tuakau

Tuakau, a smallish town in the Waikato with a population around 4,000.  Serving a farming community and a growing number of significant businesses.  It is close to the Waikato River.  A College and two Primary Schools plus an independent Christian Academy.

Tuakau is served by fibre optic cable under the government’s Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) initiative.  Yet is has a broadband penetration of only …% of households.


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Tuakau Community Wireless Broadband Network
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This project achieves multiple objectives:

• The involvement of many levels of the local community: businesses, schools, Local Board, District Council, local business association

• Provides an advertising-free directory of local services, amenities and assets in the Tuakau and Districts community

• Provides a “walled garden” type web server where access to email and limited web content is available free of charge to visitors using wireless browsers.

• Provide local users with the opportunity for free, but limited, wireless access to the Internet. Limits to be placed either by connection speed or daily data caps. Available websites that can be visited would be restricted. This would be converted to a “pay-as-you-go” service for those that can afford it

• Monitor project outcomes and compare them to our Franklin Internet Usage Research of 2009.

• Assist Primary Focus’ role of digital literacy education and support through a “onelaptop-per-child” type program and associated training opportunity for family

• Complement Rural Connect’s work in improving rural broadband connections for rural users who come to town and need to maintain connectivity

• Provide an opportunity to trial all of the above objectives in a close-to-home setting before seeking to roll out similar community broadband services across the Waikato District.

• Supports and underpins Waikato District Council’s “Safer Communities” program.

• Provide an opportunity for households that do not have Internet access to use/trial a free service to become familiar with the benefits of having at-home Internet services before upgrading to a high speed broadband service.

• Enables a subsequent ‘one computer/laptop per household’ project.

• Provide free Internet access for EFTPOS terminals, either fixed of mobile.

• Provide a pay Internet connection for business use

• Provides a ‘hotspot’ service for visitors to Tuakau

• Accesses a web directory of local businesses, clubs and events (Tuakau.org.nz)

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I personally recommend this project to you as one worthy of your support.


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